Increase from 0 to 2,500 cars a month in half a year – VW Russia

Škoda Auto a. s. is no doubt the most productive company in the Czech Republic. In 2012 alone, it delivered 939,202 cars to its customers and it plans to continue with its growth strategy. We are proud to contribute to it.

”Without us, the production would never start so smoothly.”

The Yeti model has been assembled in Russia from ready-made coachworks in cooperation with the Russian part of the Volkswagen concern and the company GAZ. We started the cooperation in order to assist with putting the welding shop, painting shop, assembling room and the respective supply chain into operation. This project was successfully finished by the end of 2012 and we immediately started with a new task – launching the production of the third generation of Skoda Octavia in the first half of 2013. We and our partners accomplished that on June 21 when the first car rolled off the production line.

“Our work started from scratch.“

We are obliged to keep the specific information private, but we can tell some basic facts. Our work started from scratch. First, we had to come up with a supply chain that would be efficient not only today, but also in a few years’ time. We assisted with a selection of key partners, a draft of relevant processes and logistic methods. Furthermore, we designed a central logistics warehouse for material that is transported to Russia via railway. With regard to processes, the warehouse is directly linked to a container terminal. Upon request from production, a pallet is brought into the supermarket areas, which were already created for this purpose in production.

“The result is convincing.“

With the help of dynamic production simulation, we tested all possible scenarios. This way we made sure everything was properly set and the whole system wouldn’t collapse like a house of cards because of a single weak element.

In the value chain, we and our partners in VW inspected the whole production course and got rid of all unnecessary wasting of time, resources and money.

Last but not least, we should mention flexible problem solving, which is inevitable during the launch of a new supply chain. Information and material flows can get out of hand now and then, in which case an extremely fast reaction is necessary.

The result is convincing. Not only did the launch of production start without problem, but we also dare to claim that the production itself works in the most efficient possible way, and as such, is one of the best-in-class in Russia.

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