The ability to evaluate the real order profitability wasn’t always a matter of course. - SMP

SMP, Stavby mostů Praha, is a company with more than 60 years of experience with constructions of steel and pre-stressed concrete. As is evident from the name of the company, which literally means “bridge constructions Prague”, SMP’s main product is bridges, but it specializes also in underground, water-management and industrial constructions. Based on current statistical data, SMP is one of the 15 most prominent construction companies in the Czech Republic.

“Logio showed us how to make the combination of process changes and tools more transparent. This way, we can manage even a very complex custom-tailored production already from the trading phase.”
– Josef Richtr, Stavba Mostů Praha, a.s.

Several new positions were introduced into the organizational structure, and the old structure was transformed into a division. This inevitably brought in many uncertainties regarding the individual competencies, positions and processes. Moreover, there had been no IT infrastructure to support efficient processes.

The main task was to make the whole production process more transparent and provide the management with tools for actual management of the whole steel construction production process, spanning from the trading phase all the way to the invoicing.

In close cooperation with the company management, we mapped all activities and connected them into processes in the QPR software. Afterwards, we started with simplifications and polishing up of the processes. We were fully satisfied with the result only after about three drafts.

Based on this ideal future set-up, we prepared tender documentation for the IT system development for SMP that would support process realization. Nowadays, the system is successfully implemented together with a digital process map that is easy to comprehend and enables SMP to grow and diversify their portfolio freely.

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