Reverse logistics spares nature as well as your wallet

In other words, logistics of reverse flows is a complex of methodologies which enable you to work, among others, with packaging materials returning from your customers so that you can re-use them.

When you imagine plates in a restaurant on which the meals are served and which return back for washing and re-using, you are not far from reverse logistics..

Even though it might seem so, the core of reverse logistics doesn’t lie in reducing the costs of new materials. It is also part of respecting the environment. The same way as you don’t throw away a plate if it is not broken, it might be cost-efficient for you to re-use your packaging material and other items that went through the consumption process. We can calculate whether a one-way packaging pays off more than a return one. In many fields it is precisely like that - while you might think that you are sparing nature thanks to recycling, in reality you might be wasting energy because of unnecessary transport and storage of empty packaging.