Production optimization can help you increase the competitiveness of your business

For us, production optimization is a team sport, which consists of revealing waste in production.

There are just seven potential sources of waste according to our methodology. We not only help the production people identify them, we also teach them how to continue with the trend also after the end of the project.

Apart from that, we work with the Value Stream Mappingu (VSM) methodology. A value stream includes all steps, both the ones adding and not adding value, that are necessary for creating customer products from the very beginning till the end.

In order to know what we should do about waste, we use a pen, paper, and especially the eVSM software. Thanks to that we can save your handling equipment expenses by route optimization and start efficiently managing the life cycle and maintenance of your handling equipment. In some cases, we also conduct dynamic production simulation.

To be specific: we find out whether you produce more goods than necessary, whether you have just enough inventory, or whether you don’t transport some of your materials unnecessarily. It is well possible that some of your machines or people don’t have anything to do at some points or you are losing production capacity by producing defective pieces.