Process optimization and QPR will establish new order in your business

Processes are a driving force in each company. They enable consistent repetition of all activities in a way that earns you money or brings other added value.

We have a useful package called QPR Suite 2014 tools (Quality. Processes. Results.). It is extremely good in eliminating misunderstandings, and it can connect your IT with your business.

Having a useful tool is of course only secondary. Primarily, we will teach you how to map all processes (including the production ones) and how to turn them into better and more efficient ones. You will become architects as well as site managers during designing and implementing new or better processes.

How can we help you?

Process analysis of the current state maps selected areas of your company in full detail. The outputs are graphical process schemes of the current state. In the process analysis we focus on individual activities, used information tools, documents and resources.

Based on the map of the current state and our experience, we create an optimization plan, presented also in graphical form. The optimization plan is independent of the information systems and technologies. It assumes the best practice.

The proposed plan is discussed with the client to ensure that it will tightly fit into the processes within the corporate framework. Hence, all involved managers and departments will have unified expectations for the future functioning of the company. This step will prevent later potential conflicts regarding the visions of the company functioning.

All process maps are processed in the professional QPR Process Guide and ARIS tools.

The outputs of the process analysis can be used to optimize the related information systems and they are usually a part of the tender documents for the new information system, as they clearly state the extent of demands. Estimating the budgets of several possible variants of informational support of processes is part of our work.

To create a process analysis we use our experience from more than 140 projects in various fields, which add up to 700 process schemes.