Planning Wizard plans for you

Planning Wizard is a tool for future sales planning, effects of promotional actions estimation, right ordering, and inventory and distribution network management.

Do you want to have everything at the right time in the right place?

Our system can analyze millions of transactions, identify seasonal trends, forecast future sales and effects of promo-actions, remove extreme values, and calculate true delivery times of your suppliers. It proposes appropriate order levels for items that are most profitable and it makes an effort to free your warehouse from the remaining items, because they don’t belong there and generate unnecessary expenses.

All these actions are performed by Planning Wizard automatically every day. This way it saves you a lot of work. It suggests order plans that will guarantee that your critical items will be available, your customer satisfied and ready to pay. Everyone is willing to pay for a good service.

It displays correct information to people who should see it

Planning Wizards presents the dealers with sales plans and planned promotional activities. It shows the production plan to the production crew, while purchasers will get to see proposed purchasing orders for the supplier. It reveals the current and proposed inventory levels including the cash-flow burden to the financial director, and shows comprehensible reports about the supply chain state to the management. Moreover, the system can integrate your suppliers and clients as well. There lies the future of our field. Better information flow throughout the whole supply chain and processes interconnected with the key suppliers and clients are the area where it is still possible to achieve a productivity hike in all companies.

Planning Wizard under scrutiny

Planning Wizard is a capable assistant for manufacturers, distributors and trading companies. It doesn’t matter whether you are placing your orders in the Czech Republic, Europe or Asia. As one of the key factors for meeting the demands of your customer, it is relevant everywhere you need inventory levels


Planning Wizard


  • You order goods on time and only in the amount that you will sell at a profit.
  • You will have appropriate inventory levels in order to cover customer demands.
  • You will save money which is uselessly invested in the locked-up capital, on average by 20%
  • You will increase the key items availability.
  • You will shorten the process of order generation by up to 50%.
  • You will clear your warehouse of non-sellable goods.

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