Before this project, all routes for Office Depot were planned manually. It took lot of time and effort.

Office Depot is the largest Czech distributor of office supplies. It continues in the successful tradition of the Papirius company, which was founded in 1993. During its thirteen-year history, Papirius became the most important distributor of office supplies, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and most recently also in Poland. For the sake of its future development, the company was merged with Office Depot, an American multinational corporation, in 2007.

„... not to mention the human errors.“

Office Depot presented us with a simple problem. The distribution route planning before the project was managed by three employees without any significant IT support. That made heavy demands on their qualification and made them practically irreplaceable, not to mention the inevitable human errors.

At the very beginning of the project, we, in cooperation with Office Depot, collected measures of key data. With the help of the data, we calculated the profitability of a new system implementation. We also found out that because of human errors, their cars were overloaded and, as a result, worn out.

Nowadays, most of the complicated planning work is done by Roadnet...“

We set this right immediately and we implemented the Roadnet Transportation Suite application, integrating it with other company systems. Nowadays, most of the complicated planning work is done by Roadnet. The only task left for the staff is to visually check on a map whether the calculated routes seem all right.

Route planning and orders assignment to the individual vehicles is possible several times a day, which significantly improves the company’s ability to prepare orders already during the day. Thanks to that, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the day and the completion of the day’s orders.

Moreover, when Roadnet is responsible for the planning, we can be sure that all the vans take routes on which they don’t needlessly waste either the gas or the drivers’ time. The next time you receive your ordered office supplies, keep in mind that it got delivered partially thanks to us, too.

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