Maintenance and spare parts inventory management is crucial for every production

Just imagine that your production has stopped. You can see how the value of missed profits adds up. There is no time to waste; you have to find someone get the production back into operation, no matter if it is 3 AM. If you are lucky, the production will start swiftly again and you can pretend, at least for yourself, that almost nothing has happened. However, you know better than us that that is not the way things usually work.

An ideal state is when production never stops and all maintenance is coped with in a preventive fashion in a scheduled time. However, maintenance means not only cleaning the surface areas and tightening the nuts. Above all, maintenance means preventing situations when the crisis management would have to step in.

We don’t help with the crisis management itself (to solve the situation quickly), we specialize rather in solving long-term issues in maintenance. An example is a situation when the production frequently stops because the required spare parts are not in stock, even though the warehouse is full of other spare parts. We work with the principle of critical spare parts inventory. We don’t want you to have a warehouse full of spare parts. Instead, we use functional methodology for setting the optimal amount that will prevent breakdowns. Like that, you can have the minimal required amount but you don’t lock up capital in unnecessary spare parts.

Spare parts inventory generally represents a significant cost burden, especially for companies in such industries as chemistry, petrochemistry and energetics.

Several limiting factors complicate efficient maintenance inventory management in a significant manner:

  • high value (price) of individual parts
  • high storage expenses
  • a risk of part unavailability with potential consequences in production and safety
  • long delivery times
  • sporadic consumption (a high number of periods with null consumption)
  • difficult forecasting of future consumption

In general, these characteristics lead to overstocking of some items and understocking of others. Sophisticated methods and tools offered by Logio can solve the complex issue of spare parts inventory management.

Our experience

  • Within the field of spare parts and maintenance inventory management, we worked especially on projects in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • We know and apply the newest findings in the field of maintenance and maintenance inventory management.
  • We know and apply the newest findings in the field of maintenance and maintenance inventory management.
  • We develop our own information systems for spare parts inventory management (Planning Wizard), RCM, for evaluating the criticality of spare parts, and for collecting and processing of spare parts related data.
  • We offer a complex solution that includes implementation and realization of identified potentials.


  • Efficient money allocation for guaranteeing availability while respecting spare part criticality
  • Reduction of the stock value and the risk of part unavailability
  • Evaluation of the spare part criticality
  • Optimization of spare part life cycle
  • Automatized process of spare parts purchase

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