Logistic support of project planning guarantees a smooth start of new production

The manufacturing industry is a world of its own. We are part of it, as we have solved logistics problems for more than twelve years.

Everyone who has ever been responsible for starting a new production knows very well how difficult a task it is. Starting with a feasibility study, going through a detailed concept of supply chain functioning, including technology selection, all the way to technical support during supplier selection. Whether our customer intends to a launch completely new factory for components or vehicles, or introduce a new product into already-running operations, we are one of the few companies in the CE region that is able to guarantee successful implementation of such a project – and meet the deadlines. We can do it thanks to our experience.

What does it look like in practice? Based on a strategic plan of our customer, we prepare a feasibility study or an external examination and propose potential alternative solutions, including business case. This means we are able to clarify and subsequently define the real requirements for the demanded service and logistic capacities resulting from the approved strategic plan. Still in the preparation phase when we have only a virtual concept, we model, test, visualize and evaluate the whole production process and its potential variants. We call this dynamic production simulation.

We manage the whole implementation project, including attendance to potential risks. We are ready also for the eventuality of crisis management. If you wish, you can imagine us as an architect, draughtsman and a site manager, all in one person.

Another part of this image is a city planner who takes into account the whole ecosystem and a broader context. Why? We are very well aware of the fact that we don’t take care of just one project. We rather intervene in the whole production system, where several projects run in parallel. Some of these are starting, some others will start in the future, yet others are ending or being suppressed. That’s why each manufacturing operation is constantly changing and evolving, which has an impact on a whole range of parameters, from an ideal dispositional plan, through processes to the used technology.

We can show you that your investment into this service was a good choice. We show it by meeting the budget and deadlines and functionality of the delivered solution, including internal metrics, such as logistic costs for one produced part or product. In contrast to an internal planning division, we provide maximal flexibility. We are able to employ and take away capacities based on the current project’s needs.