Dynamic simulations let you try out various possibilities for your business before you start digging.

Before you start with manufacturing, you need a shop floor. Do you know how big it should be? Do you know how to change it in the future to avoid risk? There are many questions like this, starting with the number of necessary machines, going through the number and specialization of the employees, and ending with the size of the canteen.

Can you vividly imagine all these aspects in operation? Be sure it doesn’t end there. Production often changes, based on the required production type and inventory level. The production should never stop, therefore you should always know when and where the necessary material will be ready or when and to where it will be transported. To know this, you need a lot of calculations. That doesn’t sound too easy and it is obvious that a pencil, a sheet of paper and the rule of three won’t be of much help.

At this point, our expertise comes in handy. Our efficient simulation tools, Simio and Simul 8, can handle these challenges. Before you start building your shop floor, we will design a model of the whole production, which will be made out of virtual Lego pieces. Even better, our model will be moving. In the reality of dynamic modeling, time flies faster than in the real world, which means that you can get comprehensible results almost immediately. This is the only way to build and organize the whole production in the most efficient manner.

Do you need…

  • to expertly evaluate planned changes in the production/logistics system?
  • to identify potential savings?
  • to optimize and efficiently use available resources?
  • to select the best solution before investing?
  • to eliminate the risk of wrong decisions?
  • an efficient tool for flexible decision making during the economic crisis?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, dynamic simulation is an ideal method for solving your problems. Dynamic simulation is a modern tool for planning, projecting, optimizing and re-engineering of production, logistics and utility systems.

Our expertise

We often use dynamic simulation for solving problems of our clients, mostly in the automotive industry, in the production of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), in the food industry and in the chemical industry.

Logio’s dynamic simulation projects include:

  • Simulation of production of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Simulation of new logistic concepts in both production and logistics
  • Simulation of material manipulation in the shop floor
  • Simulation of food products expedition
  • Simulation of logistic maintenance of industrial complexes
  • Simulation of an assembly line in automotive manufacturing
  • Optimization of production batches in the pressing shop
  • Setting of pull systems of material flows, simulation of Kanban orders