Cooperation with Logio changed the life of people in Bonavita

Bonavita is one of the largest producers and dealers of healthy foods in the Czech Republic and an important European player in the breakfast cereal market. It covers a third of the Czech market and it coordinates the distribution of its products in the whole Czech Republic. The company is also successful in exporting its goods, with exports covering approximately 40% of its revenue.

“We have repeatedly realized the effectiveness and reliability of the solutions offered by Logio.
– Ing. Přemysl Procházka, owner, Bonavita

The cooperation between Logio and Bonavita began in May 2009. Back then, Bonavita was an intensively growing company, with a lack of storage capacity, causing unnecessary rental of external storage areas, with complicated distribution between individual warehouses and a planned expansion to new territories. All this was controlled in a relatively decentralized manner in an information system without any planning support or optimization.

,,We knew what we needed, and Logio had precisely the relevant know-how.
– Ing. Přemysl Procházka, owner, Bonavita

The Planning Wizard system (MinMax) was implemented for all key processes in the company - from top management and marketing, through business operations and production planning, to purchasing of materials, packaging and products. It can daily analyze millions of transactions, identify seasonal trends, automatically remove extreme values, and forecast future sales and effects of promotional activities. In production and procurement it further proposes optimal production and ordering levels for products, materials and packaging. The production and procurement can thus immediately reflect any changes of the sales forecast. The system recalculates all the values four times a day, thus supporting highly flexible reactions to any changes.

,,Cooperation with Logio changed the life of people in Bonavita.“
– Ing. Jan Ficl, marketing director, Bonavita

The system proposes orders and plans that can guarantee to Bonavita that their key items will be available, and that their customers will be satisfied and ready to pay. All departments of the company see the same figures, priorities and productivity indicators.


The system continuously evaluates the sensitivity of individual items to various promotional activities, monitors their profitability and real impact both on sales and on the gross margin. It can automatically indicate which promo-actions will pay off for a customer in a given period and under which conditions. It provides marketing with clear feedback about the market demand.

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  • Reduction of the locked-up capital by 35% while increasing the sales by 65%.
  • Immediate termination of external storage area rentals; for the double of the current revenue, the original internal storage capacity is sufficient.
  • Shortening of the turnover period practically to a half – from 30 to 17 days.
  • Increase of the item availability from 96% to current 99.9%.

Used solutions and services